Fall 2017 Registration, New Policies, Etc.

Hello Suzuki families and friends!

We have exciting news about how we’re doing the annual registration process this upcoming school year. Check it out!

Early Bird Registration: Today through August 1, 2017
Early bird registration is $70 if you submit your registration form AND fee before August 1, 2017.

Normal Registration: August 1 – September 1, 2017
Normal registration is $80 if you submit your registration form AND fee between August 1 and September 1, 2017.

Late Registration: September 1 and beyond
Late registration is $90 after September 1, 2017 for returning students (including those of you who just signed up for summer). This fee does not apply to students who are brand new to Suzuki.

Registering Multiple Students
In the past, we took 10% off the normal $80 fee for each additional student. This year, we’re doing one better: 10% off for the first student, 20% for the second student, 30% for the third student, and so on. We hope that this will make it easier for families with many Suzuki students to join our community!

All families who are returning in the fall must submit a new registration form, even if you recently signed up for summer sessions. This helps us keep our annual registration fees in order and also gives us updated contact information for everyone. Registration forms can be submitted online on our website here: http://www.suzukiacademykalamazoo.org/contact/

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Registration Form” button.

***Please note that in order to receive the early bird and normal registration rates, both your registration form and payment must be submitted by the due date. Additionally, registration fees are non-refundable; please do not submit registration unless you are certain you will be attending lessons at Suzuki.***

Returning Gull Lake Homeschool Partnership Program Students!
Although your registration fees are waived, if you are intending to return to the Suzuki Academy of Kalamazoo in the fall, you MUST still submit a registration form. Please note on your form that you are GLHP students in the additional comments section.

Refer A Friend, Receive A Discount!
If you refer a friend to sign up for classes at Suzuki, we’ll take $50 off one of your tuition bills! In order to receive the discount, both you AND your friend must notify us of the referral. Just shoot RosaLee an email to claim your discount.

New Late Fee Policy: In effect after September 1
In the past we’ve charged a late fee for tuition bills which have not been paid by the following tuition billing period (so, essentially, after 30 days unpaid tuition bills were considered late). Our new late fee policy is tuition bills not paid within 7 days of receipt of invoice will be considered late. The late fee charge is still $25. All monthly tuition bills are still due on the first of the month every month, so as long as your payment is in by then you never need worry about being late! If you pay online, feel free to just wait for the invoice and pay it when you receive it.