Suzuki Email Policy

The Suzuki Academy of Kalamazoo requires active emails from all of our students’ families. This is the main way we will be communicating with you about what’s new at the school, billing and invoicing, and other important news like school closings, etc. We do this for three reasons: 1) it’s earth friendly, 2) it’s efficient, and 3) it is cost effective for us because we spend less time and money printing/mailing. Because of this, it is absolutely necessary that you check your email frequently! We also post important updates to this website and to our Facebook page regularly.

Tuition Payment

At the beginning of every month, you will receive an emailed invoice for your monthly tuition, which you can pay directly online through this invoice. All of the important information about when your payment is due, how much it is, etc., can be found here. Tuition is due at the beginning of every month, and all invoices are due on receipt. If tuition has not been paid within 7 days of the receipt of invoice, you will receive a $25 late fee. Once you have incurred a late fee, your instructor(s) will be notified and lessons will no longer be provided until payment is received. Any lessons missed during this suspension will not be made up. If lessons have been canceled due to non-payment 3 times during the school year, your child’s enrollment in the program may be ended pending a meeting with the Executive Director and your private teacher.

If you have questions about your account, please email them to our Operations Manager, RosaLee, at

The Suzuki Academy of Kalamazoo offers three ways to pay tuition – online, with a check, or with cash.


When you receive your emailed invoice, this is what you will see upon opening the email:

From here, you can click through to view the full invoice, which looks like this:

Clicking Pay Now will take you to the bill payment screen.

If you do not want to pay with a card, you also have the option of paying directly from your bank account.

If you do not want to pay with a card, you also have the option of paying directly from your bank account.


Paying online is easy and efficient, for you and for the Suzuki Academy of Kalamazoo. However, if you prefer to not pay online, we do accept cash and checks.


Checks may be mailed in (please mail to 6376 Quail Run Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49009) or dropped off in person, and all checks must be made out to “Suzuki Academy of Kalamazoo.” If you choose to pay with a check, please ensure that you write the student’s full name and the date of the invoice in the memo, that way we know to whom to credit the payment, and for what month. If you have multiple students and you are paying for each of them with one check, please make note of their names, and how much of the payment you wish to go to each account. If the payment amounts are not noted on the checks, then the check will be split evenly amongst all of your students. There is also a charge of $25 on all returned checks. Please see below:


If you choose to pay with cash, please note that cash payments can only be accepted in person. You must be sure to receive a cash receipt from your instructor before leaving the premises. This helps us ensure that your payment is properly credited to your account, and also ensures that you have a record of payment as well.

Canceled lessons, missed lessons, and make up lessons

To cancel a private lesson please give your teacher 24 hours notice; your teacher will provide an opportunity for the canceled lesson to be made up. Private lessons canceled with less than 24 hours notice or without notice are considered missed lessons and will not be rescheduled except at the teacher's discretion. Make up lessons will be scheduled only once. Private lessons canceled by your teacher will be made up. Canceled group classes will not be made up.

Weather and Emergency School Closings

If the majority of the schools in the Kalamazoo area are closed due to weather, then SAK will also be closed and we will update our Facebook page and website with this information the day of as well. Sometimes, teachers may decide to teach in spite of the school closing, and it is up to you and your private teacher to determine if your regularly scheduled lesson will take place. Private lessons not received on a school closing day will be made up at a time determined by your instructor; it is up to you and your instructor to schedule the make up lesson (please refer to make up lesson policy above). Group classes will not be made up in the event of school closing.


Arrive at your private and group lessons with enough time to unpack and get ready. Bring all your materials and instrument to your lesson. Your teacher is not obligated to teach or make up the lesson if the instrument is left at home. Attendance at all group classes is expected. Please notify your group class teacher if your child is absent.

Parental Supervision and Building Use

Parents need to be with all children 12 years old and younger at all times. Do not leave your child unsupervised. You or your child may only enter a room that has a Suzuki Academy of Kalamazoo teacher in it. All unoccupied rooms are off limits unless you have the Executive Director’s permission. Food and drink is not permitted near instruments at any time. Cell phones must be silenced during lessons, classes, and performances. There are to be absolutely no pets permitted in the building unless they are a certified service animal.

Cancellation/Break Policy

In the event that you wish to pause lessons or cancel your enrollment before the end of the school year, you must notify your private teacher and email the Executive Director or Operations Manager at prior to your preferred cancellation/pause date. If you cancel mid-month or have not followed the aforementioned requirements, you will still be charged for that full month of lessons.

RECITAL and Concert Etiquette

During our Suzuki Showcase concert in December, we will be adhering to a formal dress policy, which is as follows:

  • For all students: dress pants, a collared dress shirt and tie (if age appropriate) or a coordinating blouse (depending on your preference), dark socks, and dark dress shoes.

  • Students who prefer to wear a dress or skirt should also wear hose or dress socks and dress shoes.

  • Students are not allowed to wear the following items of clothing: tennis shoes, casual sandals or shoes, t-shirts, jeans, or short skirts that are above the knee.


Please arrive at least fifteen minutes before the performance time unless otherwise noted. Please have your instrument, shoulder pad, extra strings (in case one breaks), and music (in order). All performers are expected to attend the entire performance. Leaving early is unacceptable unless permission is given by the teacher in charge of the performance, and then only under extreme cases.


The Suzuki Academy of Kalamazoo is welcoming of all children regardless of age, however, if any child becomes a disturbance during a performance, we ask that you remove the child from the room out of respect for our performers. Many of our students are very young, and could be extremely nervous, so big distractions may make it more difficult for them to concentrate while they are playing.


It is fine if you wish to take pictures or record video during performances, but please do be aware of your surroundings. There will almost always be people behind you who wish to see the performance as well! So be conscious of blocking visual space, and if you set up video recording equipment, it must be set up in an area that will not obstruct anyone’s view.


We understand that most people’s phones are also their camera, so we do not outright abolish them from performances - however, all cell phones must be silent (no sounds, no vibration) during performances. This is out of respect for our performers and the hard work they have put into perfecting their pieces.